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Saturday, August 15, 2015

more things i do not miss from my old job

that hill.  every. single. day.
55 hour weeks.
teaching friday afternoon.
the semi-regular and compulsary 14 hour days.
supervising detention.
staffroom duty.
hearing 12 year olds tell each other to shut up no matter how much you discourage the use of those two words.
the bell.
lunch time sports trainings.
yellow submarine being played shrilly and badly on recorders by a music teacher who is too lazy to change his programme to meet the needs of the musically gifted and talented youth in his care.


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

things i do not miss from my old job

wet weather duty
teaching PE
the peter's spelling test
having 30+ students
being called miss
8 page reports that no one reads
guided reading/writing/maths lessons
planning for guided reading/writing/maths lessons
working 12 hour days
spending all day saturday planning

possibly more stuff i haven't remembered yet.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015


it's a superlative.  please use it correctly.  yes, i see the irony from someone who doesn't use capital letters.  the difference is, i know how punctuation works.

and i'm back.


Monday, May 13, 2013

i really should do this more

it's been so long i've almost forgotten how to do this.  in fact it took me a couple of tries to log back in.  but i made it in and i'm back.  a lot has happened since i was last here.  holidays were had. planning was done.  anniversaries happened.  meals were eaten and time was spent with good friends.  people died (no one i know though). books were read.
i read 50 shades of grey.  much more better written than twilight i think.  however, not unlike twilight, only enough material for one book and lots of padding out.  it got to the point in book three when it was they're doing it again...boring...and skip over the pages.  i enjoyed it despite myself.  and i know two differences that will be in the movie.  bet you he's not auburn haired.  bet you his chest is smooth.  nothing wrong with a bit of hair on a man.  can i hear an amen?

what else.  hmmm...nothing much.  but i'm determined to write more than once every 4 months.  i guess i better get some better work stories to keep you all more entertained.  what do you reckon?


Saturday, January 26, 2013

les miserables

i went to see les miserables, the film.  i have seen the stage show six times and read the book twice.  i really love les mis.  i deliberately avoided all the reviews as i didn't want to be influenced.  i was disappointed by the casting of russell crowe as javert (my favourite character) and was prepared to be extremely underwhelmed by him.  i wasn't disappointed.  his singing was dire but i think he made up for it in his acting which was a bit better.  he didn't ruin stars, my favourite song, too much.  the second time i saw it i knew what to expect and i found him a little more palatable but still awfully nasal.  phillip quast (the original javert and also an australian) is my favourite javert.

anne hathaway was great.  i dreamed a dream was stunning.  the second time through someone ate and drank through the entire song and by the end i was ready to kill them.  if you are going to see this movie, do not move during this song or you completely kill the mood!  you have been warned.

i enjoyed the movie.  there were a couple of bits that i thought were great and explained stuff.  the new song was completely irrelevant and added nothing to the movie.  but i guess they wanted an oscar nomination.  which they got.

sacha and helena were great too.  amanda, not so much.  i thought hugh did a good enough job. nice little cameo by colm wilkinson as the bishop of digne but i thought his voice was too theatrical for the rest of the cast and didn’t quite fit in.  marius wasn’t nearly hot enough, but enjolras…mmmm…
all in all i really enjoyed it and was a blubbering mess at the end.  i will buy it once it comes out on dvd as it will be great to have on in the background when i do stuff.


Monday, September 17, 2012

i'm nearly sorry for being boring

it's been all busy busy busy recently.  this 11 week term is a killer plus we have the production.  it's not going to be that good i'm afraid as we haven't been given nearly as much time as we need to make it awesome.  one might even think that it's been sabotaged so we don't ever do one again.  that's what is being said anyway.  personally i think it's incredibly sad that people are so small minded that they can't see the benefits.
rant over...


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

save us all from justin bieber

i mean seriously...fainting?